Established in 2008, Metalfab will be celebrating 15 years in business very soon.

We employee 10 expert employees, maybe more soon. This means everyone does their job safely and correctly. Also, the business places food on ten employee’s dinner tables. Feeding an average family of four, that’s about 30-40 people who we help and they help in return.


With helping over 500+ customers for over a decade, we have helped the economy by offering competitive prices done right the first time. We are keeping 10 people working and employed.


What attributes to MFOH’s success this past decade, is our ability to turn product over in a short time frame and doing it correctly the first time. Keeping our employees happy and safe.

What new things does MFOH have under development? We just brought in an automated press break, this will help produce a consistent part every time and not work our employees as hard. Perfecting our strategies ensures the best quality product for the end client.

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